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**My LJ cuts didn't work! I'm so sorry! I have no idea why. I'll check back in a bit to try to fix it but I have to go make dinner for my chillinz!

Hi, guys!

I hope there's enough people still watching this that I'll get some responses because I need help! :)
I'm going to try to keep this as minimally confusing as I can, but my brain thinks in abstract patterns so it takes me longer to get to the same conclusion as other people! Haha.

Here's a bit of my professional backgroundCollapse ).

Now, for some situational backgroundCollapse ).

OKAY. Now we can get into the current situationCollapse )

So I did some research. (Let me just say right now before we get into this that I do not dislike these people and I am not trying to nickle and dime them. I just feel like I'm getting walked on a bit and have experienced what I feel is a lot of job creep. They treat me a lot like a housekeeper, and by having vague phrases like "other roommate duties" in their contract makes it too easy to have me do simple crap (that seems part of the job but isn't) regularly and avoid paying me for it.)

SalaryyyyyCollapse )

I've kinda lost my focus because I went off on too many tangents. hahah

I tried really hard to sort of keep everything organized...

Anyway. What would any of you ask for, salary wise, if you were in my position? Am I out of my mind asking for $300 a week?

**I'm totally gonna start posting here about my nanny adventures. They may be short lived if my contract proposal isn't taken very highly, haha.
17 September 2012 @ 09:55 pm
So tomorrow I start watching an 18 month old. What are some fun things to do with that age group? We are going to have some long days together so I'd love your creative ideas!

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28 May 2012 @ 09:39 pm
I started my first part time live out nanny job about two and half months ago. When I was hired I was told that only job was to take of the boys and prepare one meal, snacks, and cleaning up any mess that the boys made.

The problem is the job has add on many things that were not discussed when I was hired. Such as:
Read more...Collapse )

I am unsure what do. I am planning to ask the parents if they will sit down with me for like an hour on the weekend to talk about these issues.  But I am also thinking about giving my two week notice. Suggestions? Thoughts?

UPDATE: I have given two weeks notice. The dog has become a safety issue for both me and the boys. And the parents will not address this. My last day is next Friday, the 15th.
08 September 2011 @ 02:16 pm
I will be working 20-30 hours a week as a nanny for a local family. I was pretty desperate for a job when they hired me, and I told them point blank that would take the job whether they wanted to declare me on their taxes or not. They have since decided not to. However, I would be much more comfortable paying the "nanny tax" rather than being paid under the table, but I don't want to request this and possibly lose the job that I need so badly. Is there any way for me to pay my taxes on the income I'm earning without the family counting me as an employee? Has anyone else been in this situation, and do you have any advice?

11 December 2010 @ 07:53 am
Do you buy your employers Christmas presents?
10 November 2010 @ 11:08 pm
Someone wants you as a sitter on Black Friday (not someone you're working for daily), do you charge extra per hour than if it were a random Friday? Thanks.
07 November 2010 @ 12:56 pm
 I'm in a situation where I've decided to move to another city, and now I need to tell the family that I won't be working for them anymore. I've decided to tell them tomorrow, which gives them 2 months notice. :(

I'm very very very sad, I've been watching the daughter since she was 2 months old. I really have the ideal job with them and I'm going to miss them all so much!

I'm feeling incredibly anxious about telling momboss that I'm going to be leaving. If you could share any experiences or tips or things to make me feel better or help tell them, it would be very appreciated!
03 October 2010 @ 07:12 am
we are looking for more people to join our playgroup. we have playdates, go to zoos, parks, indoor playplaces etc.

21 September 2010 @ 03:01 pm
Hello! I just got laid off from my office job and have decided that instead of looking for another job that I won't really like, I'd like to go back into childcare. I have many years of experience as a babysitter and swim instructor and spent some time in Italy as an au pair. My parents are moving to Louisville, Kentucky in a month or so for new employment opportunities (from Michigan) and I figure I will move with them in order to save some money.

To the point, I've looked at my usual go to sites for childcare positions (GreatAuPair and Craigslist) and have been unsuccessful at finding many opportunities. How do y'all usually find your jobs? Do you recommend an agency?

Thanks for your help!